Thu 06 Feb 2014, Edinburgh’s student radio station had this to say about the Burlies' new EP

16 The Ocean - The Burlies Fans of the first Franz Ferdinand record, The Rapture or Battles will eat up the first single from The Dismemberment Plan’s Travis Morrison’s new band The Burlies. Huge drums, scratchy post-punk riffs and a surfy chorus make for a catchy, subversive and irresistible debut from a band sure to bring forth more dance-punk hits (after all, Morrison pretty much invented the genre).

You can listen online even if you're not in Edinburgh (or Scotland, or the UK) at

And the Daily Cardinal (University of Wisconsin—maybe they thought the Daily Badger was too agressive sounding?) gives us an A-.

The Burlies’ debut EP is an easy going indie rocker topped off with a startling head banger and a strike of the blues that says Morrison and company have the chops to write good rock ‘n’ roll music. 

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