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The Burlies playing Glasslands Williamsburg, NY this Wednesday, June 25 Mon, 23 Jun 2014 21:55:12 +0000 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/the-burlies-playing-glasslands-williamsburg-ny-this-wednesday-june-25_1062 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/the-burlies-playing-glasslands-williamsburg-ny-this-wednesday-june-25_1062 Hey everyone! Been some quiet from The Burlies for a while... We are playing Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg this Wednesday, June 25, with Wild White and Black River Manifesto. Tickets are $10>

We are also gearing up to record a full-length. You can still buy our first EP (see above) from Bandcamp.

Hope all is well!

Q. Are you coming to see the Burlies Wed. at Glasslands? A. Yes! Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:26:44 +0000 http://www.theglasslands.com/event/572617-burlies-brooklyn/ http://www.theglasslands.com/event/572617-burlies-brooklyn/ From: http://www.theglasslands.com/event/572617-burlies-brooklyn/

Scotland says "A bonnie wee EP from the Burlies" Thu, 06 Feb 2014 18:11:55 +0000 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/scotland-says-a-bonnie-wee-ep-from-the-burlies_871 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/scotland-says-a-bonnie-wee-ep-from-the-burlies_871 FreshAir.org.uk, Edinburgh’s student radio station had this to say about the Burlies' new EP

16 The Ocean - The Burlies Fans of the first Franz Ferdinand record, The Rapture or Battles will eat up the first single from The Dismemberment Plan’s Travis Morrison’s new band The Burlies. Huge drums, scratchy post-punk riffs and a surfy chorus make for a catchy, subversive and irresistible debut from a band sure to bring forth more dance-punk hits (after all, Morrison pretty much invented the genre).

You can listen online even if you're not in Edinburgh (or Scotland, or the UK) at http://www.freshair.org.uk/player

And the Daily Cardinal (University of Wisconsin—maybe they thought the Daily Badger was too agressive sounding?) gives us an A-.

The Burlies’ debut EP is an easy going indie rocker topped off with a startling head banger and a strike of the blues that says Morrison and company have the chops to write good rock ‘n’ roll music. 

Read more here

Some nice things from Consequence of Sound about the new Burlies EP! Mon, 03 Feb 2014 17:50:14 +0000 http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/01/stream-the-dismemberment-plan-offshoot-the-burlies-debut-ep/ http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/01/stream-the-dismemberment-plan-offshoot-the-burlies-debut-ep/ from http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/01/stream-the-dismemberment-plan-offshoot-the-burlies-debut-ep/

The Burlies release online EP and play in New York this Saturday Thu, 30 Jan 2014 16:36:03 +0000 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/the-burlies-release-online-ep-and-play-in-new-york-this-saturday_853 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/the-burlies-release-online-ep-and-play-in-new-york-this-saturday_853 Hey folks, much to discuss.

The Burlies have a 3-song EP on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp. It includes "The Ocean" which made its first public appearance a few months ago. 

ALSO, we are playing a show in New York this Saturday, February 1, at the Cake Shop and we hope you can make it out. We go on at 11. Go get some East Village eats and come rock out. More info here:

02/01/2014: New York City, NY Cake Shop

Travis Morrison's Lou Reed playlist, and a tribute (from travis morrison) Wed, 04 Dec 2013 13:24:48 +0000 http://travismorrison.com/news/travis-morrisons-lou-reed-playlist-and-a-tribute1_775 http://travismorrison.com/news/travis-morrisons-lou-reed-playlist-and-a-tribute1_775 The Burlies release "The Ocean" single, play Washington DC Tue, 27 Aug 2013 16:26:08 +0000 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/the-burlies-release-the-ocean-single-play-washington-dc_543 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/the-burlies-release-the-ocean-single-play-washington-dc_543 Hey Everyone!

We are proud to release our first single "The Ocean." It's on Soundcloud and YouTube. It is in anticipation of the "American Hairlines EP" that we will be dropping soon.

Also, Washington D.C. folks can come see us play on Saturday, August 31 at the Velvet Lounge.

Ok, take care. Oh and here's the song Soundcloud-style if that's what you're into!


Travis Morrison's Early Rock and Roll Playlist for Rhapsody (from travis morrison) Wed, 24 Jul 2013 19:06:36 +0000 http://travismorrison.com/news/travis-morrisons-early-rock-and-roll-playlist-for-rhapsody_480 http://travismorrison.com/news/travis-morrisons-early-rock-and-roll-playlist-for-rhapsody_480 Werkin' on Some Recordings Tue, 16 Jul 2013 14:59:26 +0000 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/werkin-on-some-recordings_465 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/werkin-on-some-recordings_465 The Burlies been working on some recordings, and here's proof...Travis got really into this Oberheim synth they have at Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg and put it all over "On Ice". 

Can't get enough of that Oberheim.  Hope we can share it with  you soon. 

The Travis Morrison Talking Heads Spotify Mix (from travis morrison) Thu, 11 Jul 2013 19:07:02 +0000 http://travismorrison.com/news/the-travis-morrison-talking-heads-spotify-mix_453 http://travismorrison.com/news/the-travis-morrison-talking-heads-spotify-mix_453 Dismemberment Plan To Release "Uncanney Valley" LP on October 15 (from The Dismemberment Plan) Wed, 26 Jun 2013 14:47:15 +0000 http://dismembermentplan.com/news/dismemberment-plan-to-release-uncanney-valley-lp-on-october-152_429 http://dismembermentplan.com/news/dismemberment-plan-to-release-uncanney-valley-lp-on-october-152_429 Travis Morrison's Favorite Things To Sing At Choir (from travis morrison) Wed, 29 May 2013 22:02:07 +0000 http://travismorrison.com/news/travis-morrisons-favorite-things-to-sing-at-choir_335 http://travismorrison.com/news/travis-morrisons-favorite-things-to-sing-at-choir_335 Two Upcoming Shows in Brooklyn for the Burlies Fri, 10 May 2013 17:50:12 +0000 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/two-upcoming-shows-in-brooklyn-for-the-burlies_206 http://theburliesnyc.com/news/two-upcoming-shows-in-brooklyn-for-the-burlies_206 Hi Everyone.  Two shows coming up in Brooklyn this Summer for the Burlies.  First we play Union Hall in Park Slope on June 14, then we play Shea Stadium on July 20.  Just saw that Shea Stadium is close to our favorite bar, the Anchored Inn, which has tremendous tacos. Come out and say hi this summer.

We've been working on some recordings, and we plan to share a couple of them with you before these shows.

Thanks a lot!